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Secretly Promoting The Mark of the Beast? August 23, Beware of subtle symbols. Every form existing in the diversified sphere of being is symbolic of the divine activity by which it is produced.

Whoever you are mem fox writing activities

The Strange Belief that a Woman Cannot Teach a Man the Bible There have been one or two commentators on this blog who have defended the view of Paige Patterson that a woman cannot teach a man 'doctrine' from the Bible.

Sheri Klouda was forced out of Southwestern Theological Seminary because she taught men the language of the Old Testament and how to properly exegete the Hebrew Scriptures.

She was forced out of her position because she was a woman. Some have acted as if Dr. Patterson's view of women is 'Southern Baptist.

whoever you are mem fox writing activities

In fact, in this post I will show that for a woman to 'preach' proclaim the truth or 'teach' men is not contrary to the views of the SWBTS trustees who hired Dr. Klouda inthe Baptist Faith and Message, and the very Bible itself. The extraordinary belief that women should be forbidden from teaching men the Bible, or 'doctrine,' is held by only a handful of Southern Baptist leaders, including at least one agency head and a few strategically placed trustees in various agencies.

Unfortunately, the majority of Southern Baptists let them dictate policy for the entire convention. Let me reiterate for those who rarely read posts and jump straight to the comment section: This post is not addressing the 'office' of pastor. The BFM does that quite clearly.

This post is gently rebuking those who would justify the removal of a female Hebrew professor, as well as a female history professor insimply because they are women teaching men the Bible.

Istoria Ministries Blog: The Strange Belief that a Woman Cannot Teach a Man the Bible

The Trustees of SWBTS It can easily be said that the belief which leads to the forbidding of a woman professor teaching a man Hebrew, or 'biblical doctrine,' or giving that woman a 'position' of authority in the classroom over men, was not the predominate belief of the Southwestern Theological Seminary trustees in Those trustees are the ones who unanimously hired Dr.

It can also be said that this extraordinarily narrow belief that a woman should not teach a man Hebrew, or 'Biblical doctrine,' is the view of President Paige Patterson who was hired as President of SWBTS inafter giving his promise that he had no intention of removing women from the theology faculty see June 24, press conference and this article about a private meeting with faculty in It is obvious that Paige Patterson's narrow view of women led him to force Dr.

Klouda out of her position as professor of Hebrew.


Since my post went public, several people have emailed me saying that there is at least one other female on SWBTS faculty who has been forced out due to gender, but unfortunately, I do not have enough information to verify if that is the case or not.

If we don't correct the problem, the courts may correct it for us. The plea of immunity may not hold water when the forced removal based on gender is an action that is CONTRARY to the position of our convention's offical statement of doctrine.

I have said over and over for the past year that the very serious problem in the SBC is the narrowing of the parameters of cooperation by demanding conformity on very rigid doctrinal interpretations of Scripture.

In other words, there are a handful of influential people in the SBC who are seeking to impose their doctrinal interpretations on the entire convention -- interpretations that go FAR beyond our BFM If we do not speak up and speak out, regarding various interpretations with which we disagree, including this view that a women cannot teach a man, then we might just find those narrow views becoming convention policy post de facto after the act -- after several women have been hurt by our leaders' actions.

Klouda was being forced out because she was a women. It is feasible that Dr. Klouda never said anything about her gender discrimination out of fear of not being able to obtain good references for future employment.

The SWBTS trustees will need to answer what they did know, and what they did not know, about the circumstances related to the quiet removal of Dr. Klouda because of gender. However, it is a matter of public record that SWBTS trustees in had absolutely no problem with a woman teaching Hebrew to men or teaching men how to properly exegete the Bible more than half the Bible is written in Hebrew.

For a very successful and highly acclaimed professor to be forced out by the President because she is a woman, possibly puts SWBTS in serious legal jeopardy, not to mention accreditaion problems and the angst in the hearts of a majority of Southern Baptists who always demand that we treat our convention empoloyees in a moral, ethical and Christian manner.

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