The metamorphosis close reading

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The metamorphosis close reading

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Bring fact-checked results to the top of your browser search. The larval phase and metamorphosis The organism emerging from the egg or from the maternal body, apart from being incompletely developed, may have an organization more or less different from that of an adult.

In some cases the difference is so great that, without knowing the origin of the eggs or without following the young through their full course of developmentit would be impossible to know that the young and the adult are of the same animal species.

Such young, called larvaetransform into the adult form by a process of metamorphosis. The term larva also applies to young that resemble the adult form but differ from it in some substantial respect, as in possessing organs not present in the adult or The metamorphosis close reading lacking an important structure apart from sex glands and associated parts, which tend to develop later in life in most animals.

Larvae in different animals have special names given to them, such as the tadpole of frogs, the caterpillar of butterflies, and the fry of fishes.

The larval phase and metamorphosis

The larval stage The development of the embryo into a larva rather than directly into an organism similar to the adult has various advantages. At the time of emergence from the egg, the new individual is relatively small, and the organization that enables the adult to lead a particular mode of life may not be suitable for a miniature copy of the adult.

The larva may have to procure food for itself and, being small, may not be able to feed in the same way as the adult. It also may not be able to use effectively the same defense mechanisms the adult possesses. The larval stage enables an animal to avoid such hazards; it provides a mode of life and corresponding organization better suited to the smaller size of the newly emerged organism.

Another advantage is that the larva may be able to exploit an entirely different environment because its organization is very different from that of the adults. A terrestrial adult may have aquatic larvae, a flying adult may have burrowing larvae, and a parasitic adult may have a free-living larva.

A third advantage of a larval stage emerges in animals whose adult stages are sessile or restricted in their movements; the larvae can move freely, either of their own accord or on water currents.

In this way the larvae of sedentary animals serve for the dispersal of the species. Lastly, the larval stage is of great advantage for certain internal parasiteswhich, once inside a host, cannot transfer to another.

New hosts are infected instead by the larval stages. The usual means of attaining this end is for the parasite to produce enormous quantities of eggs and rely on the passive entry of the eggs into the new host with food. A more efficient way, however, is for a mobile larva to enter the new host actively.

A large number of marine invertebrates possess floating larvae that have hairlike projections cilia as their means of locomotion. There are three main types of larvae, characteristic of large subdivisions of the animal kingdom.

The planula larva of coelenterates has an elongated shape and cilia covering its entire surface. The internal organization is simple, hardly beyond differentiation into ectoderm and endoderm in the interior. The larva does not feed but serves only for dispersal.

The trochophore larva is found in many marine invertebrates. Typically, as in polychaetesit has an alimentary canal with mouth and anus and a ring of ciliated cells arranged anterior to the mouth. It also possesses a sensory organ and rudiments of mesoderm. Cilia around the mouth bring in food—unicellular plants and other small particles.

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The larva thus not only serves for dispersal but also feeds and grows before it transforms into an adult worm. Other trochophore larvae are found in marine mollusks and in certain marine worms. The larva of echinoderms is similar to the trochophore in possessing a gut and a ciliary band, but the arrangement of the latter is different.

The echinoderm larva also feeds and grows as well as serves for dispersal. Larvae of very different kinds are found in many arthropods. In crustaceans the larva, called naupliusdoes not differ substantially in mode of life or means of locomotion from the adult but has fewer appendages than the adult.Welcome to the th Metamorphosis Monday!

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Animal development - The larval phase and metamorphosis: The organism emerging from the egg or from the maternal body, apart from being incompletely developed, may have an organization more or less different from that of an adult.

The metamorphosis close reading

In some cases the difference is so great that, without knowing the origin of the eggs or without following the young through their full course of development, it.

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