The african american journey 2 essay

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The african american journey 2 essay

Black people accompanied the first explorers, and a black man was among the first to die in the American Revolution. The United States, with more than 38 million Blacks, has the eighth-largest Black population in the world. Despite the large number, Blacks in this country have had almost no role in major national and political decisions and have been allowed only a peripheral role in many crucial decisions that influenced their own destiny.

In20 Africans arrived in Jamestown as indentured servants or slaves. Their status was not clearly known, even to the people who were living at that time.

The african american journey 2 essay

Byat least one African had been declared a slave. Thanks to tobacco, it had the means to make money. What was needed, though, were laborers — laborers to clear fields, to plant and harvest crops. During the s and s, when the price of tobacco was high and English workers had too few jobs available at home, Virginia found its supply of labor in England.

In addition, a terrible fire in London destroyed much of the city and created new jobs at home for construction workers of all sorts.

No longer able to lure their own countrymen, Virginians looked toward African labor, following the pattern established by the Spanish and Portuguese more than a century before. Because they were not Christians, blacks could be forced to work for the rest of their lives and be punished with impunity.

Moreover, the color of their skin set them apart, making it easy to identify runaways. Also, there was a seemingly inexhaustible supply of Africans, and since little information flowed back across the Atlantic, mistreatment and abuse in America did not alter the flow of enslaved persons from Africa.

Slowly the number of blacks grew in Virginia. In there were only In there were about three hundred. Bymore than a thousand Africans were being brought into the colony every year.

The following year, the colony went one step further by stating that children that were born would be bonded or free according to the status of the mother.

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The transformation had begun; it was not until the Slave Codes of that the status of African Americans was sealed. The Trans-Atlantic Slave trade began big business for all. As economies began to flourish from the gains of sugar, cotton, and tobacco fields, so did the need to accommodate the lavish and wealthy with laborers.

The Company did not fare well, and init collapsed. But out of its ashes emerged a new company: The Royal African Company.

Founded inthe Royal African Company was granted a similar monopoly in the slave trade. Between andthe Company transported an average of 5, slaves a year. Between andit had sponsored at least voyages to Africa.

By the end of the 17th century, England led the world in the trafficking of slaves. Over the next three centuries African Americans endured prejudice, segregation, and racism- because of race, not religion which was the defining characteristic of the enslaved. In sharp contrast to the basic rights and privileges enjoyed by White Americans, Black people lived in bondage and under a system of repression and terror.

The african american journey 2 essay

Because the institution of slavery was so fundamental to culture, it continues to influence Black-White relations to this day. Some progress has occurred, and some of the advances are nothing short of remarkable, however, the deprivation of the African American people relative to Whites remains.

A significant gap remains between African Americans and the dominant group, and to this gap a price is assigned: African Americans have been affected by almost all of forms of discrimination, 1 dual labor market- a theory that is an explanation of the inequality that exists in the labor market; 2 environmental justice issues- refers to an equitable spatial distribution of burdens and benefits to groups such as racial minorities, residents of economically disadvantaged areas, or residents of developing nations.I really do love writing.

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Atlantic slave trade; African-American history; Slavery in the United States; History in agriculture; African-American business history; African-American military history. The history of what it has meant to be black and female in the United States is not easily summed up—a point that the upcoming Smithsonian photo book African American Women makes plain.

As. African American Scholarships. African American scholarships are available in colleges and universities across the United States and beyond.

A college education isn't confined to a textbook or how much extra credit you can receive for completing side projects or doing research for a professor.

The history of African Americans is. to a important grade. the history of the United States. Black people accompanied the first adventurers. and a black adult male was among the first to decease in the American Revolution.

The United States. “The story of the African-American people is the story of the settlement and growth of America itself, a universal tale that all people should experience,” says Gates, director of the Hutchins.

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