Pinochet the child victims of his rule what actually happened during the rule of the chilean preside

Opponent, Opponent Responses, and Violence Opponents: Not known Campaigner violence: These armed groups were not partnered with the organizers of the nonviolent resistance and the armed actions only served to provide an excuse for Pinochet to use greater repressive violence.

Pinochet the child victims of his rule what actually happened during the rule of the chilean preside

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As the Chilean writer Ariel Dorfman says: Pinochet's troops laid siege to the presidential palace. Hawker Hunter jets bought from Britain bombed the palace. Allende died during the siege. The rich and the military in Chile had long bitterly resisted all change inside the country.

With the full backing of the US government they launched their bloody coup. Pinochet became president and inflicted a reign of terror. The military rounded up tens of thousands of people, torturing and mutilating many of the prisoners. Detention centres sprang up across the country.

The national stadium in the country's capital, Santiago, was turned into a mass prison where Allende sympathisers were locked up and many were killed.

Pinochet's regime massacred up to 10, people. Dead bodies were left on Santiago's streets with their bones crushed and fingernails removed.

Peasants crossing the Nuble River in central Chile found dozens of corpses, their hands tied behind their backs, floating downstream. Tens of thousands of people became exiles from their own homeland.

Pinochet the child victims of his rule what actually happened during the rule of the chilean preside

Pinochet linked with other Latin American dictatorships like the one in Argentina to continue the terror in the years after the coup.

They were united in Operation Condor - which involved a series of assassinations and torture of opponents. Pinochet, with the help of US economists, embarked on a free market experiment, pushing privatisation which created massive job losses.

Pinochet stayed on as dictator untilwhen protests forced him to step aside. The butcher has never been brought to justice. The US government backed him throughout his 17 years of undemocratic rule and human rights abuses.

In the run-up to the coup leading figures in the US establishment had made it clear they did not want Chile's elected leader Salvador Allende. His comments came after Salvador Allende was elected president in September Allende was the candidate of the left wing Popular Unity coalition.

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He said he was a Marxist who wanted to bring about a socialist society through parliamentary reform. Chile was a desperately poor and unequal country. Just 3 percent of the population had over 40 percent of the country's wealth. Allende won the election on the back of a wave of land occupations, strikes and student protests.

He pledged to nationalise Chile's copper mines, carry out land redistribution and raise the living standards of the majority of Chileans. Kissinger and US president Nixon were worried that Allende's victory would inspire other Latin American countries to rebel against the US's dominance in the region.

The US was continuing its bloody war against "communist influence" in Vietnam and Cambodia to enforce US global power. Allende had signed an agreement with the right just before the election.

It was called the Statute of Guarantees which promised not to interfere with the media, education, the police or the armed forces.

But this was not enough for his enemies. They began to mobilise their forces against this "dangerous" new president. The US wanted to create chaos, producing the conditions for a military coup.

Nixon and Kissinger held crisis meetings within days of Allende's victory. No involvement of embassy. Full time job - best men we have. Make the economy scream," said the CIA intelligence organisation director's notes of the first meeting. General Rene Schneider, the head of the Chilean army, was opposed to military intervention.

Kissinger organised contacts with extreme right wing officers, giving them large amounts of money, machine guns and teargas grenades to kidnap Schneider.During Tuesday’s State of the Union address, President Barack Obama heralded the passage of long-pending trade deals with Colombia and Panama, saying they formed part of his plan to double U.S.

exports over the course of five years. Dec 11,  · Gen. Augusto Pinochet, 91, the former Chilean dictator whose government murdered and tortured thousands during his repressive year rule, died yesterday at a Santiago military hospital of. Pinochet is dead! Celebrate and remember his victims with Auckland's Chilean community tonight 7pm in the Latin American Cultural Centre, 38 Selwyn Street, Onehunga.

Pinochet the child victims of his rule what actually happened during the rule of the chilean preside

Pinochet's rule: Repression and economic success Relatives of Pinochet's victims campaign against his role as senator The coup in which General Augusto Pinochet seized power in was the bloodiest in 20th century South America.

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His article states his country of birth as being China, though it doesn't confirm whether that was as a national or as a child born to parents of another nationality who were working or residing in a temporary geographical location, carrying out diplomatic or military occupations, or appointments of that kind.

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