Navy seals research paper

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Navy seals research paper

The website is a work in progress, and features an expansive interactive timeline of the war, featuring images and reference material.

Navy seals research paper

The Naval Historical Foundation will also be taking steps to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. We are planning a major announcement soon on new Vietnam exhibit construction at the Cold War Gallery.

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These Members, veterans of the war, were concerned that the documentary did not provide adequate coverage of the Brown Water Navy. During the War, sailors of the U. Navy braved over 3, nautical miles of perilous rivers and canals threading the landscape of Vietnam. The River Patrol Force was established on 18 Decemberand for the remaining years of the war, Navy patrol boats were a common sight on the waters of Vietnam.

Their mission was broad and covered a number of contingencies.


The infrastructure of Vietnam was devoid of superhighways and sophisticated rail systems, thus waterways served as a primary means of transportation.

Control of the waterways was crucial. The primary mission of the River Patrol Force was to intercept and interdict Communist supplies being smuggled from the North.

Additionally, they delivered and supported land forces including Navy SEALs and engaged North Vietnamese forces ashore with onboard weaponry. The sailors who served in the Brown Water Navy endured unique forms of hardship and danger.

Gunfire could erupt from the dense forests along the shore at any time, often from cleverly concealed enemy positions just yards away. Vietnamese sampans and small craft were intercepted on a daily basis and search for contraband materials — always a tense and potentially dangerous situation.

Sailors of the Brown Water Navy also battled the natural environment of Vietnam, enduring punishing heat and pounding monsoons. They contended with shallow, narrow waterways, whose constantly changing waters overflowed and flooded during the monsoon season. And of course, like all who serve, they spent many a lonely day, thinking about a home on the other side of the world.

Navy documentary gives a sense of the hardships endured by sailors of the Brown Water Navy. Stay tuned for more stories in the months to come.Daily updates of everything that you need know about what is going on in the military community and abroad including military gear and equipment, breaking news, international news and more.

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The Navy Seals training seems really rigorous. updated 15 may submarine aircraft carriers: the future for the u.s. navy in the 21st century the future: from the past. We’re working closely with several of the veterans of the Brown Water Navy, and plan to highlight different aspects of their experiences throughout the year.

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