Dramatic pentad

The documentary starts with Moore proceeding into the North Country Bank in Michigan to create an account, after seeing an ad in the newspaper that promoted a free gun for every bank account that you open. The film then begins to further explore the contextualization of guns in American society, which may or may not have been the reasons that influenced the killings of Columbine to occur in the first place. The following dramatic analysis of this piece will uncover the justifications for rule-breaking behaviours observed in the Columbine Massacre, examined in the light of the five elements of pentad, the motives for the act committed, and potential implications that can be brought forth.

Dramatic pentad

The episode aired in the evening on the Fox Network in At the time, this show was competing with other hit series such as The X-files and King of the Hill. The content will be examined through the Pentad.

The five aspects of the Pentad that are used in examining texts from a dramatic perspective are act, agents, agency, scene, and purpose. The act is using criminal organizations to intimidate and ruin other food franchises.

The agents are Homer Simpson and the mafia. The elements of agency are intimidation, violence and attempted murder. The scenes are the rival organizations that are in the same market as Marge.

By applying Dramatic pentad dramatic perspective through the Pentad, this episode presents different qualities of what the writers of the series believe exist in married couples. After Marge fails in selling pretzels, she accepts defeat.

Furthermore, she advises her kids to have low expectations in life. After this scene, Homer declares that Marge needs help. He meets with the mafia and this is what he has to say: Your help can make all the difference in the world.

It is clear that Homer was acting on the intent of making his wife feel better and thus, was following a higher calling. This act illustrates the bond that Marge and Homer have as a married couple. This brings the idea that married couples always help each other in hard times.

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Similar references are made later on in the episode. This is a pretzel town pretty boy.


The mob at work. The use of victimage in this episode also amplifies the idea of how married couples should act with one another.

Rhetorical elements of the dramatistic pentad Burke's Five Elements of Dramatism Scene Act Agent Agency Purpose See also Language expert Kenneth Burke identified a method of analysing the semantic dimensions of language through a five-part 'dramatism pentad' that describes our living stories.
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Category:Narratology - Wikipedia This theory compares life to a drama and provides the most direct route to human motives and human relations.

Near the end, Marge confronts Homer about his actions and starts blaming him for hiring the mafia. Homer replies with this: I saw you poor your heart and soul into this and getting nowhere … So I did what I could, I did what any loving husband would do.

I reached out to some violent mobsters. Marge then realizes that he was only trying to shield her from failure and forgives him. These type of resolutions are common since in the show, Marge is aware of how Homer acts and understands that these types of actions are common due to his intelligence.

With the absence of mortification, it helps in depicting Homer and Marge as a strong couple. In the last scene, a rival food franchise hires the Japanese Mafia. As a result, a conflict occurs between the Japanese Mafia and the people that Homer hired.

While the fight continues in the background, Homer starts blaming himself for failing every time he tried to help Marge. Marge interrupts him and replies: Marge not allowing Homer to punish himself by putting himself down is the last portrayal of the support they give each other. This implies that couples will always try to make each other feel better.

Just a mob war. In conclusion, each analytical assessment gives an example of a different characteristic that the television show believes exist in married couples. The use of victimage implies that you should be thankful for the support a loved one gives even though if it results in actions you might not agree with.

The lack of mortification implies that couples should always try to cheer each other up.The dramatistic pentad forms the core structure of dramatism, a method for examining motivations that the renowned literary critic Kenneth Burke developed. Dramatism recommends the use of a metalinguistic approach to stories about human action that investigates the roles and uses of five rhetorical elements common to all narratives, each of which is related to a question.

Karli Jayne Miller, West Chester University, “Growing up coy: Objectification, Burke’s Dramatic Pentad, and a lawsuit on behalf of a transgendered child” William Kelvin, Kent State University, “Quiet champions of energy-wasting nags?

Dramatic pentad

the dramatic narrative is not just the interaction of the pentad but an imbalance between two or more of these terms. Burke pointed out that in any given narrative. “In Burke’s critique of McLuhan, he argues that the rhetoric surrounding communication technology is reductive, placing too much emphasis on agency, rather than the full range of the Dramatic pentad.

In the pentad, primary control by the agent and secondary control of the agent are represented separately. The act (P1) is the work done to change or elaborate the dramatics of an event, and so describes the overall accomplishment of primary control.

Jul 21,  · Dramatism and Dramatistic Pentad* the dramatistic pentad. The act serves a pivotal place in the pentad because human society is fundamentally dramatic or driven by action. Later, Burke suggested that incipient act, or the first steps toward the .

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