Billy connolly youtube business plan

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Billy connolly youtube business plan

November 27, at 7: But I billy connolly youtube business plan have a somewhat dark view of human nature when it comes to personal self interest. I have always been troubled by the attempt on Walker, a nationally known anti-communist right wing leader and why Oswald was not considered a suspect, given the contents of his FBI file.

Hoover was facing mandatory retirement at age 70 and only a Presidential executive order could exempt him from the federal retirement statute.

A successful assassination would eliminate the need to resort to uncertain blackmail pressure Hoover would be expected to employ. Hoover was not expected to leave easily from the agency he had essentially founded and led since Hoover may or may not already have been aware of other potential plots which he ignored, and one more would only increase the odds for him.

I doubt he would want to directly involve LBJ who might act unnaturally due to the danger to himself and Ladybird and somehow cause suspicion. Hoover might even rationalize that the nation was better served by his continued leadership of the FBI and his personal fight against communism.

Hoover had his own personal motivation to hold on to the power he had acquired and wielded as arguably the most powerful individual in US government. Neither the Russians or Cubans would want to involve themselves with such an unsolicited dangerous offer and the CIA could have sat on the info for fear of revealing their valuable covert surveillance operation of the Cuban and Soviet embassies.

Naturally there would be efforts to coverup any foreknowledge once their tragic miscalculation was understood. He committed suicide inright after becoming aware that the House Select Committee on Assassinations wanted to interview him.

His wife provided the photo to the HSCA two days after his death. At a minimum he was aware Oswald had attempted to assassinate Walker and failed to notify the police. Had he done so, Oswald would have likely been unable to shoot Kennedy.

billy connolly youtube business plan

Still it is possible he had been an informer to the FBI which his background might suggest and may have been instructed to report on Oswald. Could he have also have encouraged instructed or on his own or have had foreknowledge of the attempt on Walker?

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Seems possible but in any case I believe he was haunted by guilt and the shame he could bring to his family due to his unwitting role in the Presidents assassination. Admittedly this theory is mere speculation, but I always found it odd that Oswald was not under closer observation especially given the earlier Walker shooting, considering the info in his file as well as an FBI agent Hosty assigned to his case.

And consider the conversation testified to by Dallas Police Lt. He is now known to frequently have abused his authority through spying and intimidation of even the most powerful members of government. The government would want to avoid admitting to this or other theories if true, considering the damage to international prestige and loss of national confidence in our foundational institutions, already suffering erosion.

This is speculation but at least it fits in with Oswald being the lone self motivated assassin. One more coincidence is that the first discussion of a possible Presidential visit to Dallas occurred within two weeks after the attempt on Walker. Hoover obtained the waiver from LBJ and remained as Director until his death.

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On a separate matter…in your experience as a sniper, would you ever imagine any skilled assassin selecting the grassy knoll as a good place to shoot from? It would seem to be impossible to secure imo.

I have never seen that point argued but it seems obvious although I have no experience in these matters and am only offering an intuitive opinion. November 27, at 8:Torture: It is thought one of the women died after her ordeal (Image: youtube) "The PNG Government has approved a National Action Plan against Sorcery Accusation Violence.

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billy connolly youtube business plan

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